Session 1 - EOSC and data interoperability

25 May 2021, 14:00



The first session of the e-IRG Workshop under Portuguese EU Presidency introduces the topic of FAIR Digital Objects (FDOs), which bring together all essential information about a digital object (data, code or other research output) in one logical entity. A key element of an FDO besides its representation of its encoded content in a standard format and its sufficient metadata and documentation is a Persistent Identifier (PID), which enables unique and persistent identification and supports referencing, linking, tracing and reusability. The session will address the need for an EU-wide service for Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) for all researchers and their stable repositories. Furthermore, there is a need for a semantic mapping framework as addition to the FAIR landscape of semantic artefacts to reap the full benefits of FAIR data. Such e-Infrastructure elements are vital to achieve stability, interoperability and sustainability of the digital objects space in the current fragmented landscape, and to be able to support data traceability, trust, and sovereignty. Thus, there is a need for a “by-design” approach and coordination on these e-infrastructures elements.

Moderator: Maria-Luisa Lavitrano (UNIMIB, EOSC Association director)

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